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Garry's Mod issue and Rundll32.exe CPU 100%

Discussion in 'Windows' started by ffsestevenlee, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. ffsestevenlee New Member

    This is just from personal experience, the latest version currently out, while in Garry's mod, It'll load just fine the first time, though if i decided to play again, it'll crash with the Steam DLL isn't worthy of our Trust error, also attempting to run a multiplayer game will say it's in "Insecure Mode" or something, A work around for playing in single player is to ADD all addons and play, next time you get on, REMOVE all, and repeat the process. Also sometimes (could be that i'm using dated hardware) after enough runs, the game will not launch and everything becomes very sluggish. in Task manager in Processes, you'll see Rundll32.exe maxing out the CPU. Not sure what could cause this but creating a new user account and migrating everything will fix it until it happens again. Thanks for reading, and I know it's a pain with constant code changing updates and etc. Just wanted a backup Nonsteam Garry's mod to LAN and to play whenever for what reason steam is either inaccesible (no internet) or just plain acts up. I was just wanting to put this out there for awhile, now that I found somewhere i can get online. Hope you can find out the issues I pointed out.

    Have a nice day. =]

    I also want to say, I have an old version of Gmod from i think around october 2010 (before the joining loading screen update and when toybox first came around) If anyone has a build of Wiremod compatible with this build i'd highly appreciate it!
  2. Vin_TC New Member

    This is also based on my experience...
    You should block access to GMod toybox so you won't be getting that error. I can PM you if you want.
    As for multiplayer insecure issue, add -insecure parameter to your Garry's Mod shortcut.

    And I never get that rundll32.exe and add-ons issue :/
    Well actually I didn't tried to re-prepping my GMod yet to newest update, but I think it would still working fine.
  3. ffsestevenlee New Member

    Please do PM me. I'll appreciate that very much, also note I'm using the latest release from GCF too. the (I believe) December 2011 build, sooo. XD
  4. ChrisTX Administrator

    rundll32.exe? It's a host process by Windows which executes a function in a DLL file. What it does is therefore dependent on the specific DLL file. You can use Process Explorer to determine the command-line and find out what DLL is being executed.
    However, I have not yet heard of Gmod or rev-emu spawning a rundll32.exe process (it would make little sense, too), so this might be unrelated and/or possibly malware which at times makes use of rundll32.exe because googling the process name results in not many usable or related results since the process' functions are so versatile.