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Some CS:S questions

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Vin_TC, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Vin_TC New Member

    I built my own CS:S GCF standalone for my friends so we can do LAN party. Myself I'm using legit Steam client.

    On my first attempt my friend can find my LAN server in LAN browser, but he can't join. There's an error "LAN server are restricted to local clients (Class C)."

    So he hosted the LAN, but I can't find his server on LAN Browser. I still can play by using connect command to his network address though.

    There's two questions there. How can RevEmu join with my LAN server with legit client? And vice versa?
  2. Vin_TC New Member

    Okay here's another question.

    If I change player name via editing rev.ini the game won't start because it seems can't find the game content (Unable to load materials). I should edit the file from my computer then transferred it again to my friend, which is a pain.
  3. dfdfs New Member

    Host a dedicated server or try sv_lan 0